Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Molybdomancy by Reynir Hutber

Molybdomancy from reynir hutber on Vimeo.

(Commissioned as part of Marcia Farquhar's 'The Dog's Bolex', 2018)

Music improvised by Jem Finer (edited and arranged by Reynir Hutber)

Molybdomancy is a technique of divination using molten metal. Typically molten lead or tin is dropped into water and the resulting shape interpreted as a premonition of the participants future fortune. Familiar shapes create new sculptural propositions as they melt, fall and form in the water. This film took inspiration from the esoteric and trance like films of Kenneth Anger and the proliferation of 'shooting up' sequences in the independent cinema of my teenage years.

Molybdomancy was commissioned as part of Marcia Farquhar's 'The Dog's Bolex' at CGP Gallery, London 2018. Fifteen live performances are interpreted as short films by artists/filmmakers. Participating artists included Benedict Drew, Katherine Araniello, Larry Achiampong, Victoria Harwood and Lucy Newman, Ben Rivers, Gina Birch, Miyako Narita, Tracy Drew, Tom Chick, John Smith, Denna Cartamkhoob, Paul Kelly, Ruth Maclennan, Reynir Hutber, Tony Grisoni.

The Dog’s Bolex was developed by the artist following the 10th anniversary of her critically acclaimed 12 Shooters project from 2007, and is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Live Art Development Agency’s inaugural Art Hole Artists Award.

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